Twist-to-Lock Pressurized Packaging Dispenser

  • Lead team of four patented, unique aerosol spray actuators that locked simply with the need for an overcap for a Fortune 1000 global dispenser company
  • Involved with concept to full commercialization
  • Received multiple patents

Plastic Aerosol Pack – Actuator and Container

  • Lead team that developed the first PET aerosol container for North America along with a bottom dispensing actuator for global dispenser company
  • Received multiple patents

Aerosol Nasal Spray Actuator

  • Lead team that developed the new aerosol actuator
  • Received patent

Aerosol Hair Treatment Actuator

  • Created patented concept for an inventor

Twist-to-Lock Mousse Actuator

  • Lead team and created design for actuator.
  • Received patents