Pete Walters
Chief Innovation Officer, Pete Walters

Pete Walters Innovation (PWI) is more than just a product design and consulting firm. With over 30 years of experience in the new product development area, I’ve been involved with the full lifecycle of countless products that brought creative solutions in all phases– from idea to prototype to industrialization to rationalization. My many roles in innovation over the years have varied from design engineer to director to global leader. Of all these roles, my greatest passion has always been in the early stages of creating profitable, new product innovation.

Although capable of much more, my experience has been in the areas of consumer goods and packaging for the personal care, home care, food, and beverage markets. Several of the many patents I’ve received relate to products that need small, precision-molded, plastic parts to create intricate, low-cost mechanisms. Specializing in pressurized packaging systems, my skills are not limited to aerosol or non-aerosol dispensing systems including containers. I’ve been involved with turnkey systems that go beyond the area of development including high-speed, low-cost internal and external manufacturing needs. I’m an excellent problem solver and solution provider with an artistic flair to my work.

My education in fine arts, materials, technology, and business give me a background in the design, engineering, and business sides of product innovation. A strong believer in design-for-manufacturability in innovation, my skills provide a balance that leads to the creating of profitable, successful products for any company.